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Omar Ta Satt from Bridget Lara'Ana
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  • Dear Family:

    Sending you Elexier from Los Angeles. Last night I had my first experience of my Merkabah spontaneously activating while I was asleep. It felt just like the others described, like being sucked into a worm hole. But the feeling in my physical body was like I had a sudden explosion of energy from the inside. I must say I was rather startled until I realized what was happening. I am interested in hearing other's stories and progress in mastering the skill of traveling this way.

    Bridget Lara'Ana
  • OMAR TA SATT dear Bridget Lara'Ana,

    It is wonderful to meet you! Yes, this has happened to me in my sleep, too. For some reason it happens then and not when I am awake. I have MONA'OHA that I will one day activate my Merkabah while fully conscious. Sometimes, I think that I am not getting anywhere with this, but putting myself under pressure will not help at all, so now I do not worry. Much happens when I sleep. I work off planet a lot and have met many wonderful beings in other places. My cosmic father is Ashtar Sheran and I am on the ship often and have duties elsewhere. Maybe I don't travel anywhere when I'm awake in this body because it would be too much at this point in time.
    AN'ANASHA for starting this discussion! I hope others will join in with their experiences and perspectives.

    I send you much ELEXIER,

    Patricia Lara'Ana
  • OMAR TA SATT Dear Family,
    Just found these messages. I had experiences after connected deep breathing & relaxation & JC mudra.
    It was like going into a funnel...vortex & then on a journey. There seemed to be celebration... Like finally I was consciously awake.
    It was comfortable as if I had been there many times... but not remembered so far. That was quite a while ago & it hasn't happened since. It is not always so easy to get that deeply relaxed.
    I also had quite a few dreams of icebergs melting & rising water. As if the subconscious was melting & the icebergs were symbolic. & then I have had the flying dreams. Recently it was like flying up the street & around the future corner was some massive change & it was very, very awesome.
    MONA'OHA & ELEXIER, Lea'Shorina* solavana