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    my name is Heike Vabienna Groenwoldt. Vabienna means "the loving". I'm an Elohim and my cosmic parents are Noah and Lumina. I'm living in the north of Germany with my daughter, my son-in-law and my second grandchild.
    Since 2007 I'm going the 48 steps of the kryon school. I'm an actual pioneer and also go the steps of Sol'A'Vana.
    In 2008 I started the light-nutrition-process of Taba'Tes and found out, that it's the mission of my soul to show light-nutrition to the people.
    I'm willing to fulfill this mission. So I wrote a book about Taba'Tes and the light-nutrition process and, a little bit later, created a guided light-nutrition-process including cd's with meditations for every step of the process. Actually I've finished my second book, which will be released in 2012. A translation of the guided process actually is under progress to support the non-german students too.
    Next to my work with Taba'Tes, I'm a healer and talk to the souls of my clients.
    I'm fully aware of my responsibility and thankfully for the trust of the people into my skills.

    This text has been translated by my daughter Maren Noris. Though she's not a native speaker she did her best to find understandable words without making typical german faults.
    If there are one or two serious mistakes, just enjoy a good laugh and after that give us a note, what's wrong - we're still learning icon_wink icon_lol
  • OMAR TA SATT Vabienna and Maren Noris!

    Thank you Vabienna for sharing the information about your work with Taba'Tes. I look forward to reading the translation of your book and appreciate that you have done this for us. Please tell your daughter that the translation is perfect and AN'ANASHA.

    AN'ANASHA to you both. I send you much 23_elexier