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  • verliebt2 Send you BIG HUGS and much closeness dear Meerle STAR SISTER verstehen
    My is Gavin Noranius.. has Shakti and Toth parents. Such a blessing to feel them close. I see only glimpses with my inner eye ~ but I feel the presence of Kryon and the High Councillors as close as a whisper* YES, I would LOVE you to share your steps as much as you can. I can only maybe share some things after you arrive at each step! as it is always exciting to Mono'dobe. Closer and closer to Home. Feel free Dear Family to use my email address if you want to write to me. I haven't got a message yet and we will have to do that as well * 47_tanatara for you and precious baba 23_elexier
  • 39_omartasatt dear Meerle:

    It is wonderful to meet you! I am happy you are sharing on this forum. Step 13 is such a wonderful step. I go back to it from time to time. Step 11 helps me a lot, too. And Step 12 is very positive, comforting and grounding. I wish you a lot of 23_elexier and 47_tanatara with your Steps!



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