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  • I am a new student, i am in step 13, i just want to share my experience with the steps, so the newer students can have resources and maybe relate of what we learned,
    i mean "re-learn" icon_biggrin

    I know many times we doubt if just by doing the steps we actually are doing something profound in our life, because we are not able to physically see with our eyes, we actually doubt, but our inner self, tells us to keep going, a force that is deep inside of each one of us.

    Every single step is awesome whether we see or not, believe me something inside of you is changing...

    step 9: im in love of my new chakras
    step 10: i still do the prayer
    step 11: i didnt feel anything
    step 12: Felt vibration while anchoring the crystals
    step 13 ( present) : my intention is above my human understanding

    I take about 4 or 5 days in each step, i am a new mom, so as soon my baby goes to sleep i do the meditations, around 3 times per day, but thats only because im staying home mom, so dont pressure yourself.

    i work with the crystal in my every day basis, i play with them, draw them use them in my food, while cooking, etc.

    right now my husband and I are going through difficult times .so i have my faith that everything will change.

    The german forum is amazing, you will find the answer of everything and i have been told the spanish forum is also excellent resource, it will be nice if the combine it all,
    or translate for us and many to have emotional support icon_wink

    I just want to give AN'ANASHA to all of you who had taken the steps the graduates, the currents and the coming ones...

    ELEXIER from your cosmic family member 18_ana !

    Caterinna MEERLE

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  • Dear Meerle,
    you have summed up your experiance very is indeed a journey.every step changes something in us.which may not be physicaly i am at present at step 37.when i look back so much has changed.during the process at times it was difficult in terms of relationships changing etc.but at certain time i just preferred to be an observer and allow the changes taking place in life.each person experiances the step differently depending on what he/she needs to learn.even at this stage if i have to sum up my experiance i would say amazing.
    for the support we get from the kryon school team and the information on german forum.
    hope you have many good experiances with the steps and your journey with the golden blue family.
    lots of 23_elexier to you
  • 39_omartasatt Caterinna Meerle,

    I am at step 38 and if you have any ideas you would like to share I am just here* So wonderful to meet you. Much 23_elexier L'S*
  • Omar Ta Satt Dear Soltra'Olestras* Sister of the Light. I think we wrote at the same moment. It is good to hear how the steps are going for you. I feel much more than I see. Always the most wonderful presence of High Councillors and Kryon. Recently my throat and heart chakra seem to be dancing. I have had quite a few experiences and moments of insight. All very precious. My partner also has Shakti as Cosmic Mother. I found out today that my son, Nama'Ba'Ronis, has Myriel and Michael as Cosmic parents. Such synchronicity as we are just in the steps with beautiful Myriel. Pure JOY.
    I am in Heaven with these steps. Much An'Anasha and Elexier to Sabine Sangitar for her sharing* angel2 Hope to hear from you both again here soon. icon_smile 47_tanatara 23_elexier L'S*
  • Dear Lea'Shorina,
    it is good to have people with whom we can share our experiances.even for me i can feel more then i can see.when i started the steps i used to doubt even my experiances.i was told again and again to go into monaoha and repeat the first it is much easier to trust that what you are feeling is not your imagination.i will be going to step 38 in a day.
    good to know you.lets keep in touch through forum,and share our experiances or clear our doubts.
    also check out the Sabine Snagitar column on german site.lots of information for the avalon seminar.
  • AN'ANASHA for the ideas. Look forward to sharing. verstehen with Elexier, L'S*
  • STEP 15: Awakening on Mother Earth.
    WOW!!!! AMAZING!!!

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