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OMAR TA SATT. Lea'Shorina says HI*
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  • ELEXIER from my heart to you So'Sua icon_wink I will be getting in touch with you about info on my name and family. I decided to get my children's names channeled first. Lara'Ana has recommended that I ask you. An'Anasha for sending the links.

    I noticed golden blue light all around my son as he was sleeping this morning. I feel the colours and he says the same as I do...even for the orange and one blue!! We also have a gold and blue walls in our house icon_razz *Much joy that I am here now*
  • Hi Lea'Shorina:

    I'm working on a room and painting it blue and gold! I've been seeing a lot of blue lately. I send you much ELEXIER!

  • OMAR TA SATT Sister Lara'Ana, Nice to find you here. I think I have been trying to get here via the blog rather than the portal direct! For some reason I could only find German language till now ...even after clicking the flag. Never mind... at step 37 I am here* Our Cosmic Family are giving us the GB colours to resonate with. verstehen My initials were also ALS for many years as Devine is my beautiful marriage name. I grew up with the very German name.
    Venus is my vibe planet and Libra is a link with Sherin. Healing is my passion. angel2 Raphael. This morning I see a puzzle with small pieces within the larger pieces to infinity.
    Like Mandelbrot fractals. Hmmm good fun. I love these connections and insights. Sunny days here.
    Lucky because we have solar power and when it is cloudy I cannot spend too much 25_gesha time . Much 23_elexier and I will be looking out for your posts here. L'S* icon_smile
  • OOps ..I was going to say computer time. Venus on my mind* plemplem

    Love these smileys. Had better preview next time... icon_cool
  • Dear Lea'Shorina,

    Everything always happens at the right time icon_smile
    You will be making your children the most wonderful gift when you present their original names to them. candle

    Have a great ELEXIER-filled weekend,


    BTW, my living room has yellow (gold, of course!) walls and a blue carpet... icon_biggrin
  • icon_biggrin We have bright blue and goldy colour and one side very dark blue. Our place is one big room with double colorbond tin walls inside/outside as well... So we are cyclone and rain-inside friendly squidder
    Very humble tin house living and we have much space and garden around us with beautiful view of range. Not so high as the mountains you have.
    We were in between cyclones Larry2006 and 2011Yasi. You may have heard of them?
    Awesome vibration. ONAR PRADNA is my mantra 40_onar 29_pradna
    Much 23_elexier L'S*
  • Hi Lea'Shorina:

    How wonderful that you are getting your children's original names for them! You must be so excited about that! And, Step 37 - that's great! It's interesting - 10 years ago, I stayed in a wonderful place that was painted dark blue and gold and the living room had a beautiful dark blue and gold rug created by a wonderful Japanese artist. I had no idea then that I was of the golden-blue frequency or even what that meant! I will email you soon!

    Sending you tons of 23_elexier


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