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OMAR TA SATT. Lea'Shorina says HI*
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  • icon_biggrin The steps are wonderfulll. I heard a whisper in my dreams... Be filled with JOY and RISE UP*
    Months ago was was waking to hear....REVOLUTION* gentle whispering. ANd my latest skull dancing..
    subtle movement at tip of spine, kind of whirling...
    is so blissfulll. I wonder if others of the family of GB are getting this sensation?
    ARTEE seems to be near* 03_ananasha 23_elexier
  • Hi

    In the morning waking up after I finished step 5, still lying with my eyes closed, I had a "firework" flashing on the inside of my eyelids, followed by an display of a star and then a very clear red hart. It lasted under a second but clear enough for me to see what it was. I didn?t recognize the star at first, but later that day I was working with the crystals. When I saw the crystal for Omar Ta Satt I got goose bumps all over me. It was the star I had seen the same morning. icon_smile

  • 39_omartasatt Wonderful. Nice to meet you. Prepare for more and more uplifting moments* This last night I woke with eggs of light cracking open !! All of the steps are pure JOY.

    18_ana Would love to be in touch and share these great moments. We have a son, ten years and daughter, seven. Love your picture* Hi to your family.

    Much Elexier 23_elexier 21_teeas
  • Hi Amba and Lea'Shorina:

    Yes - I get these feelings and experiences, too. When I see the flashing lights with my eyes closed - and usually after sleeping or during sleep (they wake me up a bit), I call them "downloads." I feel like I'm being downloaded with certain energies and information that my cells and my soul recognize. Sometimes, I even see forms or glyphs. I love it!



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