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  • Dear family All over the world,
    dear Elisa, dear Lea'Shorina, dear Fabienna,

    I've just read this thread and dare to say: I'm glad that you are here, OMAR TA SATT. I'm glad about the family of the Golden-Blue light comes together all over the world in TEEAS.

    My english is just school english, so I hope it's o.k. to understand and send you ALL


  • OMAR TA SATT Dear Elisa, Sinai, Fabienna & all who are reading here. 39_omartasatt

    It is fantastic to be in touch here. I have also been like a thirsty one in the desert !

    I had the translation gadget for a while but it was not so much fun as sharing with each other.
    School English is brilliant ! We can do well with that. Maybe you can teach us some German too ??
    I know only a few words. Looking forward to CONTACT* & 21_teeas
    Auf Wiedersehen

    23_elexier 09_haratora Lea' Shorina love3

    Auf Wiedersehen
  • 01_omtatsat
    23_elexier grouphug

    LOVE to ALL my Golden Blue Family
    (Thanx 4 sharing Lea'Shorina)
  • Liebe Lea'Shorina,
    39_omartasatt ,

    so I'm glad now that I "dared" to answer you with my broken english (last night I was not sure about it) icon_rolleyes
    So it would be a pleasure to have contact this way yes

    A day full of love and light for you All,
    in ELEXIER

    P. S. Lea'Shorina: I like what you write in your Profil.
  • Liebe Sinai* & Meerle* & Golden -Blue Light Family 39_omartasatt

    Yes, same ! me too woohoo I am glad icon_smile

    You have many qualifications ! Can you please tell us some more about Earth Healer ??
    & your journey with Kryonschool?? Any words will do...

    Maybe we should start a new blog &/or maybe Elisa could help translate for you.. if it gets too tricky?
    We could help each other.

    I am so keen to have news & contact with our German speaking family. angel2

    47_tanatara & 03_ananasha love3 Lea' Shorina*
  • Dear Lea'Shorina,

    you say "any words will do...." icon_smile so I try to and answer your first question before I leave for work.

    Step 28 - 31 of the pioneer steps contains the "Earth healer".
    After these steps you are able to set up Light Pillars (?) and to clear places on mother earth and even so houses/flats. Of course there are other ways possible to do this, but with these steps we work with the holy cristals and I guess it's the most effective possibility to do this. These steps teaching you also to work with the chacras(?) of mother earth and human beings.
    For me it means a great happyness to help mother earth this way.

    Maybe I write this evening again to tell you something about may way to and with KryonSchool. How about you? Would you like to tell something about your way back home??

    Love and light,

  • Liebe Sinai,
    Wow, I wasn't aware of that. Thanks icon_smile Tell us more any time.
    Fantastic english. I understand you well ! Chakra, if you want to know how we spell it.
    Sounds same.

    My journey to here...I have read the books from Findhorn, Scotland many years ago & always felt very close to Mother Nature. Even as a child I loved to hear of Merlin & Avalon. I first read 'The Crystal Cave', by Mary Stewart, when I was maybe eleven years old. But I had a picture of Merlin before that & I always looked for any books about Avalon & the Priestesses. My mother & I had our first tarot reading years ago & the lady said she could see 6 of us from our family in past life as Priestess'. I feel that as well. I have been a professional gardener & then masseuse. Mostly I feel the energies & have some visions. I just know in my heart is time for great change.

    2010 Sept I was looking at the Findhorn site & Spirit library & there I found Kryonschool links.
    Also it was great that Sabine Sangitar knows Eileen Caddy. I met Eileen at 'Brisbane Relaxation Centre' twenty years ago. From the moment I heard the welcome channeling I was home... & here I am waiting for the latest Pioneer step :) ... & I love Babaji & sang Aarti in the temple at Sierraville, California 1990's... & as a small child I loved Jesus & my Mum taught at Sunday school ..
    God is Love & Light & Truth...
    I studied my parables & then we went to Yoga & my Mum became a Yoga teacher. My Grandma & great Aunty also loved Yoga. I am so lucky that I know FLOWER POWER & Yoga & Kryonschool.
    I had 3 months in Vienna way back I have heard a few German phrases & my great grandfather was German so I enjoy the contact very much.

    I love that inner space>>>outer space* angel2

    05_donadas 21_teeas grouphug

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