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  • OMAR TA SATT & AN'ANASHA for the messages & the beautiful translation.
    AN'ANASHA to Carsten Sol'A'Derh icon_smile
    Lara'Ana how wonderful to be a trainer. I look forward to hear how that is going??
    & Elisa Thank you so much for sharing. I am very much enjoying the contact here.
    36_mera 05_donadas 18_ana grouphug Lea'Shorina*
  • Thank you, Marion Elisa Morningstar , absolutely beautiful, thank you for your time and posting it
  • Hi Elisa what are the pioneer steps, i also finished the 48 steps in December 2011, and am on meeting 7 now, this steps is about space travel, its interesting, vassoulla shatrees
  • Dear Sinai and Lea'Shorina,
    The upcoming Pioneer steps sound so exciting!!! I am on Step 11 at the moment. I just received my Kryon School Trainer certification recently. I am praying about the healer of the new age profession.

    Much ELEXIER to you both!

  • Dear Vassoula Shatrees,

    the Pioneer Steps are the meetings. They are just called "Pionierschritte"/ Pioneer Steps in German. I am also on Step 7 right now and find it very powerful. I sometimes feel like I am just about to take off, the veil feels so thin. At the moment, I am not as consistent with it, though, as I'd like to. I usually only have the time to listen to the Steps in the evening, before bed time, and often fall asleep. I have also been listening to some of the old channelings and received some beautiful energies through them, too.

    23_elexier Elisa

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