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  • OMAR TA SATT* Dear Ones,

    & how wonderful that Solstice Energies have sparked up the Portal here icon_smile

    03_ananasha 09_haratora

    Fee, the messages are so heart warming & just what I need. The farming scene is not what it was ! hmmm I am focusing to get my thoughts to align with our pristine Mother Earth & great change for the better... There is a tiny sunbird outside my window & we live in a beautiful valley... but the spray planes buzzing about are no fun for anyone. I pray for CHANGE on that one. It is my greatest challenge to turn that one around in my thoughts. I cried when I read the message for farmers. I wish all farmers would get that message. I wish that we could live on liquid light & colour & all animals be free. I spent many hours sitting in apple trees as a child in New Zealand. It felt so safe & beautiful... like home. The apple blossoms are so pretty*

    Look forward to see the movie...The Blue Jewel icon_smile . AN'ANASHA Meerle.

    Today we go to the airport as my Mother from NZ is visiting for 3 weeks...

    & children have holidays for 2 weeks. I look forward to the White Priesthood Initiation

    as soon as our tiny house is quiet again*

    8 & 10 year olds are full on !!

    I have Nikolas Nama'Ba'Ronis with Cosmic Parents, Myriel & Michael icon_smile

    & Kala Sine'Bahe with Cosmic Parents, Shakti & Angel Raphael icon_smile & my partner is Noranius

    from Shekina. icon_smile It is so great to have their names & origins. AN'ANASHA Kryonschool*

    I will be here to check in & read...but am tiny bit busy these next days. My Beautiful doggy girl , Byka, says hello* Liebe & Auf Wiedersehn , Lea'Shorina* 17_tarados 21_teeas
  • ...& I recommend this most beautiful one. Heart warming !!

    Gentleman and the Faun: Encounters with Pan and the Elemental Kingdom by Robert Ogilvie Crombie (26 Oct 2009) ROC*

    23_elexier all good but full on here. phew !! Lea'Shorina* love3
  • OMAR TA SATT, dear everyone,

    I found this channeling today and translated it. Enjoy the reading.

    "Omar Ta Satt beloved family,

    We had a very exciting evening yesterday with Ranuar and the Council of the 12th. But read for yourself. You can also download the channeling on our homepage MP3 file.

    Luke Sandro, the cosmic messenger


    Greetings, I am Ranuar. The energy of the Sirian Council of the Twelve manifests itself in this moment. An energy field is being built up around you and supports you. An energy that is a gift to you from the Sirian Council of the Twelve. I bid you welcome.

    Many changes in the real world and on your planet have manifested, many processes have been set in motion and unfold themselves. The now-time is as important for us as for you, because much has changed. Many energies could be united. Thus a new field of energy was has been anchored. And so it is possible for us to send you energies. It is possible for us to prepare you. It is possible for us to stand by your side. So many of you know the planet Sirius - Sirius is the Planet of training, the planet of knowledge and healing. Every one of you has been welcomed on Sirius and underwent a training course. Deeply connected throughout many incarnations, the energy of your Sirian companion has left an imprint in your light. So the connection has been tied and now it is time to activate it more and more. More and more lights feel the deep connection in their soul. The more you allow this connection to flow openly and freely, the easier it is for us to convey messages to you. And so I convey this message to you today: A lot of things have been changing. The change of consciousness is here, the collective has become light, consciousness unfolds and ignites the divine spark in every single one of you. Ranuar and the Sirian Council of the Twelve look, full of joy, at the energy field that has been created. It is an energy field that consists of two different energy levels. One of them we carry on this side of the veil, the other is a collection of your personal energies, which merge into a field. We create and expand this field together. Therefore, the Sirian Council of the Twelve can manifest itself more and more, and share more details and energies with you. It is so that you get to know a part of the Sirian Council of the Twelve. You know me in my energy and my role, you know master Sanar and at this moment, I would like to open the room for the energy field and the Third Council, the Third Sirian. And so, I open the energy field. Right in this moment, the energy flows to you, and I give my word into the hands of the Sirian Council and draw back now.

    I'm Balduas. Balduas the Sirian. Member of the Sirian Council of the Twelve. My energy surrounds every single one of. You will clearly perceive me, for my energy is pulsating, my energy circulates in your system. It is a great honor and a pleasure for me to have the opportunity to speak to you. I am deeply touched to have the opportunity to weave our connection into a new level. I am deeply touched, because I know each and every one of you well. I am deeply touched by this moment.

    They call me Balduas, Balduas the master of healing technologies. I'll bring my knowledge, my specialty to you, so that a field will open, within which patterns can open up for all those, who are in training with me. It's time to raise your consciousness, to feed the collective with a new energy field, a new impulse. So, I'm going to take you to my room, my laboratory - the laboratory of healing technology. My dear friends, many of you know my laboratory. We have seen images together and went through mutual experiences. And yet, now I will also include your mind and convey something to you that will expand your consciousness. For many of you, I am the point of contact here in this chamber, in the laboratory of healing technology. And so, I ask you to free yourself from your rigid notions, from your rigid view of technology. The technologies we use can not be compared with those that are known to you. Our technology is a creation from within ourselves. We have gadgets, a technology inspired, activated and directed by our consciousness. It is not a machine. It is a combination of a vibration, a crystal, an energy field as well as the consciousness of the being that operates it. Do not be so rigid in your thinking and I see how the question manifests: ?Why does healing need a technology?? It does not need it, but this technology is a creation from within ourselves; a tool that was created by our consciousness to create fields and to raise them. So the technology exists in a kind of symbiosis with us. It is a living field within itself and yet the steering and control is put into the consciousness of the particular being, who operates it. So it is necessary that only a being with a highly developed consciousness uses this technology, because otherwise the frequency cannot be maintained. The mission of my laboratory is to focus, to operate and to connect. There are many beings here who have entrusted themselves. There are many beings here that have the opportunity to receive healing through high vibrations. It is my task to watch over this technology as well as to do the training. Can you feel how my words trigger something within some of you? You can be sure that we know each other well and that you, too, have been trained in this healing technology.

    It is very interesting to observe how your planet deals with healing. I will put this in simpler words.
    There are two extremes: There is your so-called conventional medicine, which focuses on your physical body. It specializes in how things function, in production, in surgery, and it focuses on treatments. And there is a form of energy healing, a healing that happens on various levels in order to create balance. Now imagine that these two can be interconnected. And so it will happen one day that the conventional medicine realizes that the physical body is not just a vessel that is being repaired, that is made to merely function, but that it carries a soul and spirit within. And they will also realize that the body corresponds to a different level and that this requires different treatments. A long, long time ago, those were also our roots, from which has arisen what you can perceive here. Both levels, the energy level and the levels of the physical body, must come together and merge with each other and that will lead to a kind of medicine, a way of healing, that will create miracles. I recognize the light in you, because many of you feel my words deep in their soul. Everything is there to be joined together. It is time to integrate everything. It's time to hold each others hands, to give and to receive respect and recognition. This will create a field that can support the healing process of humanity. This will create a field that can form the basis for the healing process of many levels, many people and of many beings. The technology that you see here is very subtle. No major equipment is needed. It is rather a symbiosis between the technology and the particular being that creates an energy field. The focus on the healing comes from the consciousness of the being. The focused, increased and amplified energy is passed through the crystal; and thus precisely the energy, the frequency that is needed to bring about healing can be generated. It is a great pleasure for me to call upon those, who send out the impulse to connect. It is my pleasure to welcome all those, who have been deeply immersed in my words and have realized that they were called.
    I will withdraw my energy now and re-integrate into the energy field of the Sirian Council of the Twelve. I am Balduas, the Sirian and I would like to express my gratitude to you.

    With great pleasure I have attended these events. The heart of Ranuar is wide and overflowing with a deep connection. The third Sirian Council of the Twelve has revealed himself to you. It is time to strengthen the connection. It is time to recognize our relationship. It's time to live our connection. Thus, the Sirian Council of the Twelve will seize the opportunity that many of you have already been a channel of the light bridge in order to connect with one another. It is important that you connect with one another in order to set up a basis for the next step. So, you shall be trained and when the time is right you will be called. It requires preparation on both sides. It requires preparation here on Sirius. Many energies have to be anchored, many energies need to be carried to you, fields must be opened, places on Lady Gaia will start to pulsate and their light matrix will be activated. We are one in our love for Lady Gaia. We are one in our love for Sirius.

    I say goodbye on behalf of the Sirian Council of the Twelve and also personally for me it was a joy to be allowed to bring this message to you.

    AN`ANASHA to each and single one of you.
    AN`ANASHA my friends.

    To see or listen to original, please visit:

  • OMAR TA SATT dear Elisa,

    03_ananasha for this translation of the message. We appreciate it so much!

    I send you much 23_elexier

  • Dear Elisa and Lea'Shorina,

    It's wonderful to hear from you both. Elisa, thank you for your love and concern for us here on the English forum! I, too, can identify with your description of your journey! The 48 steps are beautiful and I enjoy listening to them over and over again.

    I will be a Kryon School Trainer very soon and am setting up a blog website for all of us who speak English with some offerings and services. I've started channeling Merlin and I am very excited to see where that takes me!

    Lea'Shorina, it's so good to hear from you!

    I send you both much 18_ana

  • OMAR TA SATT dear family and friends,

    This is the story a translated a couple of days ago. I got the ok from the Lightpioneer who wrote it, Carsten Sol'A'Derh Metje. Enjoy the reading.

    23_elexier to all of you.

    Omar Ta Satt my beloved human lights,

    Through a private channeling, I received the message how important your thoughts are during the ascension process.

    So, I would like to tell you a story written by me to help you to manifest your paradise during the ascension.

    Sol'A'Derh (poster) says AN'ANASHA

    ?The cow Elsa in the land of the rainbow?
    by Carsten Sol'A'Derh Metje

    Elsa enjoyed the sunny day on a lush colorful meadow. It had become very hot and the air shimmered. Elsa had been drinking plenty of water and stayed mostly in the shadows of an oak tree. She really wished it would cool off. ?It should rain a little?, she thought to herself.

    From the horizon, clouds started to move over. There were only a few small ones that she hardly noticed. Lost in her thoughts, Elsa did not realize how the sky behind her was turning black, for in front her, she could still see the beautiful blue sky with a few small white clouds.

    Her friend the wind came along and danced around her so excitedly that her ears fluttered in the wind back and forth.

    Meanwhile, the wind had already blown the dark clouds up to Elsa and towards the sun, which still peeked through a large, blue, cloud-free opening and shone directly onto Elsa?s nose.

    Elsa was looking forward to the cool water; the rain that would bring along a fresh change.

    And indeed, it began to rain lightly, but the rain grew stronger and stronger, and eventually poured down onto earth.

    Elsa looked up to the sun. She could not quite believe it, until she heard thunder rolling behind her. She looked around and stood motionless in amazement.
    She had never seen anything like it before. Illuminated by the sun, one above the other, she saw two perfect rainbows; a double rainbow perfectly arranged in a semi circle and touching the earth on both sides. The top one radiated a little less than the lower one. Elsa starred in excitement and completely forgot about the warm rain.

    She imagined that this must be the gateway to the land of the rainbow. She wanted to walk through the gate, when the two rainbows suddenly turned into two rainbow snakes and slithered to and fro.

    The rainbow snakes asked Elsa, if she would like to go with them to the land of the rainbow.

    ?Of course, I would like to go with you?, Elsa replied excitedly.

    And so, Elsa was allowed to enter the land of the rainbow through the gate, which the rainbow snakes had opened for her.

    Once one the other side, she saw a land that shimmered in all the colors of the rainbow. She saw meadows covered with brightly shining flowers, colorful creeks and water falls that looked like liquid rainbows, but what Elsa found the most surprising was that all the animals and birds were colorful, too. She couldn?t believe her eyes. When Elsa was thirsty. She went to the big fountain to drink, but as she bent over the fountain to take a mouthful of water, she startled. She, too, was as colourful as a rainbow.

    At this moment, Elsa awoke from her dream, and yet, she still looked at the most beautiful rainbow she had ever seen in her entire life. Only when the sun was completely hidden behind the clouds, and the rainbow vanished as quickly as it had appeared, Elsa noticed that she was drenched. She went home to her barn and told everyone about the land of the rainbow

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