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  • OMAR TA SATT, I?m Dora Fabienna and live in Arizona, USA. I am happy to find my family of the golden blue light. During a healing workshop I saw the OM TAT SAT Crystal. A friend told me about Kryon school and as soon as I saw the Crystals, I knew this is where I belong. I am enjoying the Steps - currently I'm working on
    step 3 and look forward to my awakening and to learning the New Professions.

  • OMAR TA SATT dear Dora Fabienna

    I am happy for you and us that the angels leaded you straight ahead to the Golden Blue Family. I wish you lot's of joy with your steps and the way to your personal awakening. If you have question you are always welcome here in our forum.

    I send you unmeasureable ELEXIER from Switzerland Amira
  • Welcome Dear Dora Fabienna,

    I am so happy that you found your family. I remember that moment myself very clearly! I live in Michigan. I wish you much Joy with your steps! Step 3 is such a beautiful step with Angel Raphael and one that I love going back to from time to time.

    Sending you much 23_elexier


  • liebe Dora Fabienna, omar ta satt, herzlich willkommen, schön, dass Du da bist!!!

    kannst du was ich schreibe irgendwie lesen?
    gibt es hier ein Übersetzungprogramm?

    Schritt 3 ist für mich der schönste. Ich höre ihn immer wieder an, vorallem wenn ich traurig oder müde bin oder wenn ich nicht schlafen kann. Es ist so viel Trost und Geborgenheilt in diesem Schritt. Die grüne Farbe von Engel Raphael ist bei diesem Schritt so schön und wohltuend in mir und um mich. das merken auch meine Pflanzen. Wie ich mit diesem Schritt begann, begannen meine Pflanzen aus ihrer Töpfen zu schiessen, mir über den Kopf hinweg. Zeitweise konnte ich nur noch gebückt durchs Wohnzimmer gehen, weil sie bis an die Decke und von dort wieder zurück wuchsen. Dann musste ich sie stutzen und zum Teil auch herausnehmen, weil meine Möbel und ich sonst raus gemusst hätten.

    Dir wünsche ich auch ganz viel Freude mit Deinen Schritten

    von Herz zu Herz

    Leila'Arina, Tochter von Raphael und Sherin

    Vielleicht kann das jemand für Dich übersetzen uns sonst, nimm es einfach als einen lieben Willkommensgruss
  • Omar Ta Satt icon_smile Dora Fabienna, I have just seen your post. I am at step 37 and only just reached the portal. I was trying to get there via German entry and it has taken me a while to click! I have been so deep in my steps and sailing along with the Angels and Masters angel2 Just want to say be ready with your crystal at step 30. Time goes fast* I read that advice from Lara'Ana and it was helpful. And I had thought the Initiations were so powerful that I only played them once and then absorbed for the week. Pia So'Sua tells me it is good to keep playing them. I often backtrack as I have enjoyed each step immeasurably*

    If you have any ideas to share...I would love to hear from you verstehen The steps are awesome and much 03_ananasha
    to all at Kryon School and The Family of Golden Blue Light. 23_elexier 21_teeas
  • OMAR TA SATT, dear friends and family of the golden blue light

    I am Elisa, the temple dancer, from the frequency of the angels. My cosmic parents are Michael and Myriel.

    I was born and grew up in Germany (born in Chemnitz, grew up in Salzwedel), but I live in Australia/ Adelaide now.

    In November 2009, I started my journey with the 48 Steps. I initially got introduced to the Kryonschool through my sister who lives in Berlin and who had been taking the Steps for a while, and so I was curious. I have always been a seeker, and at the time, was hanging out for some sort of spiritual practice that could be a pillar/ my rock in my life. I had started to meditate when I was 24, but hadn't practiced consistently for a while and so I missed the spiritual practice in my life.

    As soon as I took the first Step, I knew, this is for me. This is what I had been waiting for. I absorbed the energy that was transmitted like a thirsty man in the dessert. It felt, like I was home again. And so, I went on with the Steps and the further I went, the more my life turned around, for the better. It was a somewhat slow and silent process, but when I look back now, I am amazed at how much my life has changed for the better.

    I finished the 48 Steps in May 2012 and am now doing the Pioneer Steps, and I feel like my journey is only really just beginning now. It is a beautiful and promising journey filled with light and love.

    I am sooooo grateful to Sangitar, the Team of the Kryonschool and of course the spiritual world for the gift that they brought to me and continue to give me through the Steps and other channelings, the Pioneer Steps and SOL'AVANA.

    Now, I am not a big Computer fan, nor do I write a lot on social networks or blogs. For some reason I have quite a big resistance to putting myself out there icon_razz , but I have read through some posts on the English forum and found that some of you are or have been a little sad because you would like to receive more information in English, about what's going on in the German forum and hence connect more with the Family, however it is difficult sometimes due to translation problems. And so, I will try, when time permits, to do some translations for the English forum. I am not sure how often or when I will be able to do that or even which posts to translate, because there are so many, but if you have any suggestions/ interest in particular topics etc let me know and I'll do my best to help.

    03_ananasha and lots of 23_elexier to all of you
  • OMAR TA SATT* & AN'ANASHA icon_biggrin

    Sounds wonderful & I can totally relate to your journey. I would love to be in touch & am keen to read anything that you translate for us * It is great to hear from Merlin especially.

    I live in Far North Australia & am taking the Pioneer steps as well.
    I finished the 48 steps at the end of last year.

    Look forward to the translations & if you would like to email that would be brilliant to share.
    23_elexier & 03_ananasha Lea'Shorina* icon_smile

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