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  • Yes, I love to listen to Step 3 again also. It is beautiful and healing as you say Susanne Fabijenna. So nice to meet you!

  • OMAR TA SATT Everyone! I am Aizhan Amba from Kazakhstan. It is very exciting to be part of Lightworkers family.
    Well, I was familiar with Kryon's channelings and I read all the books channelled by Lee Carroll. Not long ago I felt the need to learn more through Kryon. After a few days, I saw a link to the Kryon School in an ad in my gmail account. There was no question about it, I got started...
    Ever since I felt that I am being protected. Whenever some trouble would be coming my way (at work), a miracle would happen and I would get by. I feel much more confident. Still have issues with irritation and judgement of others, but I am working on it. Oh, and the flashes of intuition are just incredible! Always thought intuition was my weak side icon_rolleyes
    Seems like this will be an incredible journey.
    While the "up" times are as good as never before, I do get moments of really black mood, like I am left with no support, and everything is - well - not looking so good.
    Maybe it is also linked with my hormonal state as I am pregnant icon_smile
    By the way, would be very nice to know if any other forum members are going through the Steps while pregnant. Also, have read the discussions for steps 1-24 - whoa! Blew my mind! Really looking forward to everything! Yay!
    All the best to everyone!
  • OMAR TA SATT Dear AMBA and OMAR TA SATT Dear Baby grouphug 01_omtatsat

    Welcome both ! Please tell us, are you living in Kazahstan or in Dubai ?

    I was travelling and working with Mother Mary and Sherin tonight, working with the dolphins and the children of the new time, travelling over the continents. I spent much time over Russia and Arabian States.

    Incidents of heart.

    Blessings to you and your child love3
    21_teeas 41_joanadas 28_monash

    23_elexier 02_monaoha

    I am Mara, the Earthhealer, mother of two so-called Indigos.

    I wouldn't be surprised if your baby's soul had led you to where you are now.

    Trust your inner voice. Trust the process.
    05_donadas You both are so welcome.
  • AN'ANASHA, dearest Mara!
    I am living and working in Dubai. Soon I will return to my hometown Almaty.
    I have read about the workshops you hold - with the Lemurians and entities from other planets - how New Age is that? Wow... Please, do let me know if you are in Dubai before June 2011, I'd love to meet you!
    Thank you so much for your warm welcome. I also suspect my son who is 3 years and 9 months now, is an Indigo.
  • Hi Amba, dear sister, so nice to meet you and your children here.
    I'll keep you informed on future telecalls/webinars. Oh yes, I would like to travel to different countries more and more, for the time being we can meet during our dreams or spiritual journeys. All of us do that more or less consciously, and with the steps 1-48 you get more and more aware that WE ARE CONNECTED all over the world. You have an excellent intuition and such a brilliant light and wisdom. I am so happy for the people around you and your home country, you are such a lighthouse.

    Maybe you want to communicate also with other mothers and experts on "children of the new time". Feel free to open a new thread, you are an enrichment for all of us.

    Huggins and kisses for you and your family and all the best for your return to Almaty. I have heard that Almaty means "father of the apples". Is that really true?

    A ni o'heved o'drach.
    Cornelia Mara
  • Dear Amba! Omar ta satt. A warm welcome to Dubai !
    I`d like to tell you that I?m pregnant too icon_smile Our baby will come in the first week of july. I`m at step 4- the steps 5 and 6 are here already, but i like to listen to step 4 one more time before i will step forward icon_wink . Our son, Björn Leonas is 2years 3months old- I suppose he`s a cristall-child.

    Enjoy your way and beiing here with the golden-blue family ! dance
    23_elexier Soreia- the blue priestess- daughter of Archangle Michael and Myriel
  • AN'ANASHA, it is very uplifting to get such delightful replies!
    Dear Mara, the topic of the new age children is extremely interesting, thank you for the idea.
    And yes, you are very well informed, Almaty does mean the Father of apples - and it was, we had the best apple orchards on the hills surrounding the city - not anymore...
    Dear Soreia, thank you so much for sharing! If you don't mind, I'd like to write you and ask in the personal mail about your experiences - my baby is due hopefully middle of August, and I am on Step 3 right now.
    Lots of love to everyone - I'll try to get better with the Elohim language icon_smile .

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