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  • Hello All - I'm Lara'Ana and I live in the U.S. We are all coming together now, aren't we? I watch the trends of the world and the signs of the times and just at the right moment we are able to connect to one another via this format - dear family of the golden blue light. I feel such great energy and joy since the opening of this forum. When I read the channelings on Wednesday from the Autumn festival I cried with joy. It was our Thanksgiving holiday yesterday (Thursday) here in the U.S. and so, for me, the channelings and the forum hold particular significance. ANA AND ELEXIER to you all.
  • OMAR TA SATT to you dear Lara'Ana in the USA icon_smile

    its's so great you are here and to get in touch with you and others from far away.


  • Omar ta satt dear Lara`Ana,

    very nice to meet you here. It`s really wonderful to have contact with all the other lightworker from over the world.
    It makes the world warmer, lightfully and I think a little bit "smaller". so it`s easier to get in touch together and to feel the big ELEXIER.

    Wish you all the best.
    I?m the joy of god.
  • Dear Lara'Ana OMAR TA SATT here as well icon_smile

    It's a great way to be in touch with so many people at the same time. Yes, the family is gathering all over the world now and it feels wonderful!

    The Festival was extra special (again) this time. Some day we will all be together at a Festival of Love and it will be like a homecoming. I can't wait for this day to arrive.


  • 39_omartasatt dear Lara'Ana
    a warm welcome also from me. It is wonderful to have you here.

    As you can see, we are all a bit excited about our englisch-speaking sisters and brothers to join in in our communication. Though we know, you are out there, it's something else to connect here with you.

    I'm a very curious person ... Do you want to tell a bit about how you found your way to kryon-scool over there in America?
    Susanne Fabijenna
  • Dear Lara`Ana OMAR TA SATT

    Nice to meet you. I have very pleasure about opening the Kryonschool for the english language. You very welcome.
    Who you living in the U.S?
    It is beautifull to have contact with lightworker from al the world.
    Tell the corner - points abaut you?

    AN ANASHA 26_lotus

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  • It is wonderful to be in contact with you all. An'Anasha for your warm welcomes Soreia, Selina, Fabijenna, So'Sua, and Nama'Ba'Ronis AN'ANASHA to you all!

    Soreia, you asked me how I found Kryon school. Well, I had been reading the Sedona Journal of Emergence for some time. I don't know if this journal is translated into other languages. Anyway, the journal publishes the Kryon channelings of Lee Carroll. I felt a connection and did an internet search which brought me right to our beloved Kryon school. I read the initial message and listened to the Welcome Channeling and that was it for me!!!! I downloaded the first step and began taking the steps. As you all know, my perception of everything changed dramatically and I am completely dedicated to awakening and doing what I came here to do. It's not completely clear yet, but it gets clearer every day. I am enjoying the Steps immensely and look forward to learning the New Professions.

    ELEXIER and ANA,


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