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  • OMAR TA SATT dear fellow members of the golden-blue family,

    On behalf of the entire Kryonschool Team it is my great pleasure to welcome you to the Kryonschool Portal!

    We look forward to meeting many of you here and to seeing you take part in discussions about your experiences with the Steps, the ascension and related subjects.

    But to start you off you may want to spend a few minutes on your profile to write something about yourself that you want others to know and perhaps upload a photo of yourself.
    You can also introduce yourself in this space right here.

    Begin a new thread if there is something you would like to discuss with or ask others.

    There is a search function in the portal that helps you find other registered members, and you can send private messages.

    Then there are chat rooms that are accessible to anybody who is logged in so that you can have conversations with other members of the golden-blue family.

    We wish you much fun and 47_tanatara in the Kryonschool Portal!

    18_ana and 23_elexier

    (moderator of the English part of the forum)

    editiert von: Pia So'Sua, 25.11.2010, 15:13 Uhr
  • winke OMAR TA SATT to the family of the golden-blue frequency all over the world,

    I am Soreia. I am the moderator of the German forum and welcome you with all the love of my heart. And I am really looking forward to meet you. I hope you will enjoy beeing here and take the wonderful chance to connect!!

    So let your light shine in here icon_smile

    Sending you 03_ananasha

  • Howdy, howdy, family members around the globe

    What a great day, to find out we have a common forum now.
    I'm Samier and I'm looking forward to learn more about all of you.
    Guess I will have to add an English version to my profile now. *puh*
    Anyway, a warm welcome to all of you, out of Rosenheim

  • OMAR TA SATT Welcome my Golden Blue Family around the world

    What a great day, family members getting closer and closer. I greet you all from deep inside my heart and I wish you a lot of pleasure reading in the forum and may you be touched deep inside your soul too and I'am looking forward to get in touch with you as well.

    I send to all of you my rainbow filled with stardust and ELEXIER
    21_teeas 34_kryonenergie 57_Jesus_Christus
    what a pleasure it is to write now to all english speaking members. verliebt .
    Sending my light and Love to all around the globe.
  • Omar Ta Satt to all english speaking people of the golden-blue familiy!

    Welcome everybody! What a joy to meet you here. Now we can come all together to let shine our light.
    Let us bring heaven on mother earth. yes

    Send you all my love.

    34_kryonenergie 01_omtatsat 21_teeas 47_tanatara

    In Ana and Elexier
    Martina Krina
  • Wonderful !!!!!!!

    Lets do the bananadance of happiness banana

    AN'ANASHA to So'Sua and everybody who took part in this!

    LOVE meets LOVE - all over the globe...

    miracles can happen...

    What a happy day!

    Sending love, peace and joy to everyone


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