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Thu 06.07. Support for the activities taking place in Hamburg 07./08.07
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  • Dearest family - all across the world grouphug

    we would like to invite you to combine our abilities to support the activities which currently take place in Hamburg so that the best possible can happen - for all of us. Every day until Saturday 08.07 at 21h.

    Not only do the representatives of the countries which encompass 80% of all people across the globe but also their delegates, journalists, hotel owners, chauffeurs, organizers, policemen, demonstrators but especially also the Hamburg people who live here are currently coming together... let's help to make the best possible.

    It is extraordinary what is happening here in this town and so we would like to ask you for your support.

    We meet overnight on our dragons above Hamburg and use our abilities in TAHI?TAA for the best possible outcome here in Hamburg for everybody in the world and the planet SOL?A?VANA.

    We are doing the following:

    Get in touch with your inner light, the spirit of god within you and ask for your personal group of angels to join you. If you know their names invite them personally and feel the energies how alive they are and how they support you for the activities to come.

    Call your guardian angel and your ambassador of love also as a part of you. Combine your Chakras into one shining sun which grows and grows. Ensure that your well grounded on all four levels. Speak your name of origin.

    Call for dragon or unicorn if you like, send your heart beam to him/ her and feel what comes back to you, feel the connection, love and strength between you.

    Connect yourself with all SHIMAAs which are taking part on this side of the curtain and on the spiritual side. Mount your dragon / unicorn and travel to Hamburg and join us in circles of TEEAS above the city. Feel the connection and the field of the white priesthood in which we will now work.

    Activate your Heart beam and send it into the holy grail of love SARAH?GITNA, feel what it does with you. ? some minutes.

    Ask the spiritual world to connect your beam with the energy of ANA?ANARAA and when you feel the energy give into the field of what is happening in and because of this meeting.

    Activate your priest beam, put your 3rd letter of your name of origin onto it, then the crystals EL?ACHAI, TAHI`TAA and SOL?A??VANA and send it into the field.

    Activate your sinus beam and put TORA?AN?TARIA onto it and send it into the field. Open your channels and let the spiritual world let the necessary energies for the best possible outcome flow through you.

    When you feel the energy transfer is letting up, call your beams back to you. Feel how much loved you are - ANI?O?HEVED O?DRACH.

    Remember that if an impulse sends you to another part of the world to let the energy flow there, trust your instincts, feel that you will not be going alone. There will be a good reason for it. You are the light.

    AN?ANASHA to all of you, from heart to heart wherever you are icon_smile heart

    from Martina Myriel* and Ulrike Leana

    PS other opportunities to actively support the ongoing process of creating our new world:, Facebook Do your BEST, Twitter @show_your_best
  • Dear Martina Myriel and dear Ulrike Leana, good job!
    See you Ladies!