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Christmas gifts from El'Amara silver Crystal-Jewelry
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  • OMAR TA SATT my dear English speaking Golden-Blue family,

    I am Iliana Sevilla, I am Bulgarian und lived until 2012, for 10 years in Germany. There I found Kryonschool and afterwards my life turned many times until I came to what I do today, but you probably know this already icon_biggrin

    I would like to introduce to you El'Amara - my silver Crystal-Jewelry collection. You can see the models, description and prices of the jewelry in the following site:

    If you like to order something or have any questions, please contact me at the following address:

    I am happy to assist you and to choose a suitable Crystal-jewelry for you or for somebody that you buy a gift for.
    And here is a small Christmas present from me - for orders from Europe, until the 4th of December, the postage will be free!!!
    If you are from another country but like to order too, please let me know and I will find a way to deliver your jewelry as soon as possible geschenke

    I send you my golden-Blue ELEXIER wishes from Sofia 23_elexier
    and give all of you a big hug! grouphug

    Iliana Sevilla
  • Very beautiful, dear Iliana Sevilla love3

    lovely greetings 39_omartasatt

    Franziska Ana'Lejana
  • AN'ANASHA dear Ana'Lejana,

    your loving energy and greetings feel soooo good! 23_elexier

    As I saw you with that cute little girl I remebered to add that I have two small pendants and many charms suitable for kids too icon_biggrin !!!

    A big hug from me too 34_kryonenergie nikolaus 32_runa