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  • Dear Lights,

    as I am approaching the Awakening (Step 43), I keep wondering more and more about the life after the Awakening. I understand it is very individual process, but I would like to hear someones' experience as I wonder if I am imagining it wrong.
    I have just had a wonderful experience of my Ego dying :)))) with Step 43 - however the patterns are still there with me :))) I suppose all will unfold with the time. Is it the same with the Awakening?
    We will still go through the processes and as the time will go on, there will be less and less 'drama' and we will learn to react more with love and compassion every day?
    Lots of An'Anasha to you all xxx
  • Dear Marketa Laura'Adjana,

    how nice to hear from you again!
    I started the steps in summer 2011, celebrating step 48 end of december 2012.
    Looking back I would say, awakening is a continuing process. Gainig in depht, wonder and wisdom over time. But nothing I experienced ealier in time would be less valueable...
    Just welcome all with all your heart and soul,
    and if it happens that your expectations were different, just keep cool and calm, simply proceeding on the path.
    There is this proverb "existence opens from wonder into wonder" which is very true to me, in these amaziing times it's just a matter of being open to it.

    Much love to you love3
    Kirsten Sarah'Elina
  • Thank you so much, Kirstin Sarah'Elina, you are so kind.
    I'm welcoming whatever comes with open mind verliebt Well, mostly :)))

    May I ask more about the practical issues - I take a pill for the thyroid and am planning to stop taking it after the Awakening as I am sure I will not need it anymore. But also, I don't want to make a mistake :)
    Also, I believe our surroundings and people are mirroring us the wrong patterns and beliefs inside us, but I am not sure how this will change after the Awakening?
    With our Ego dying and our patterns being gone, is the mirroring still taking place?
    Do we still use the crystals (and other tools, like Akashic Records, etc.) to change ourselves or is it just our memory of ego trying to trick us? So we need to ignore it and let go of rather then dwelling on it by using tools?
    Sorry for so many questions, going through the Steps alone means lots of questions :)))))

    Once again, An'Anasha and lots of Elexier heart 03_ananasha rofl2
  • Dear Laura'Adjana,

    first I wanna tell you, that there is no life after awakening. There is life with awakening. Life always unfolds the awakening. That means, that there is no way without going the way of awakening. The difference is the awareness and the own focus on that what happens with the purpose of awakening. Awakening is a process, that will never stop, because there is always more, than that what already is.

    It is like you wrote. All will unfold with the time. The awareness grows and grows with time, the "drama" will be more and more less. The memories of your own being and your skills will come back more and more. You will be more changing inside and your life changes more outside. More and more balance, love, peace, easyness and all the good stuff will be part of your life. Awakening is not one moment and everything is done. It's a neverending process. And this process is the most fullfilling ever for me. With the time you will learn to create your life yourself and how you want it, you will learn to find and use your skills and that's the fullfillment. And you will feel and live freedom and trust. You will feel and know, that everything is possible (really everything) and that it's up to you, choosing what you wish. You can create everything and it's your turn to do it. Your life will be more and more easy and beautiful although the paramters might be the same (family, job, home). And that doesn't stop. There will also be changes. Some people go and others come, your interests change, you find new things you wanna do and old stuff can go, you see things different. But all comes from inside of you not from outside. And that's the difference. It's more and more easy to accept the change and to go the next step.

    Concerning your pill-question: I'm not a doctor. And so it's important to involve your doctor concerning medication and medical questions. But I can tell you, that when you really feel something, then it's your truth. Then it's your way. You are the only one you can trust and who knows your truth. Your feeling always tells the truth, because it comes from your soul and only your soul knows the truth and the way. So trust in yourself. That's also one aspect of awakening. The trust. The trust into that, what happens and the trust into yourself. And you can't make mistakes. Everything is changeable. In every moment. Try and play. If you do something, that doesn't give you the "right", then do it different next time. You will learn more and more to hear and interpret the signals and messages of your soul. And you will feel things that aren't really good for you, like you feel things that are good for you before you do it. It will get easier. There are no faults there are only possibilities. Don't charge yourself. Take it as an experience and go on.

    Our surroundings and people are mirrors for us. But they don't mirror us the wrong patterns and beliefs, they mirror us that what's inside of us. That means, everything how it is. Sometimes we see good things and sometimes we see bad things. Although it is a thing of duality how we value things, with this we can feel, where we should see our power, abilities and positive things and on the other side our "negative" behaviour. Everything we see outside that makes a feeling in us is a mirror to see where we can accept and integrate something, transform our believs and patterns, where we still have something to do. It's like a guidepost that shows us the way. That what we carry inside us resonates with things outside and attracts it. If you change your inside then you change after a while your outside. It's your decision, what you want to live. But take your time for it. Now is the time to get on fast but it still takes it's time to realize, to learn, to change, to integrate, to live the new, to accept our great, to be conscious about it and to do it. Not only to be it but also to do it. Not only to know and feel that you're a creator but also to create your daily life.
    The more you work at yourself, the more you're focused on the positive and the light, the more the mirrors disappear. But I think, the mirrors still will be present, but the intensity and the frequency will be less. And you will also learn how to deal with it faster and easier. The more you solve a resonance, the easier it is next time. And it is not, and that's my feeling, it's not possible to get rid of the ego and of resonances. The ego belongs to the dual world. And as long as the dual world will exist, the ego will also exist. The ego is the dual world within us. So it is not useful to want to get rid of the ego and the mirrors, it is important to take it as a part of us. To see it, to accept it, to live it when it appears and not to fight against it. That's the key of awakening. In this moment the "drama" disappears, because you realise that everything is good how it is. The fight is over and peace and freedom grow inside. Then understanding and compassion for everything characterize the life and the ego-willing, the "drama", belongs to the past.

    Surely you can still use tools. You will realize what it really means "everything you need is inside of you". You will more and more follow your own truth and the impulses of your soul. So you will find everything inside of you. But it can also be your way to use any kind of tools. A aura spray, a seminar, a crystal, someone else, what ever. But you feel the freedom that it comes out of you and that it?s the next step. Sure we can do everything without a tool only with the force inside of us, but the time isn't still here to do it. It's OK to use everything that's here for us to make it easier for us. And with that we still learn. We learn and learn and learn and one day we can do it without anything. That's the process. Be like a child full of curiosity, drive of discovery, easiness and play. See life as game not as a serious thing.

    Believe in yourself, in your way, go step by step, take the time you need and enjoy. Don't pressure yourself. Your soul knows the way and everything will be perfect as it is. You will learn to follow your soul. And that will be step by step. You learn and go step by step. And everything is fine. You have no influence on that, it unfolds and the only thing you can do is to follow. The ego thinks, that itself know the way better or it will inhibit you to go your way. But you will learn to differentiate between ego and soul and to accept the ego as it is. More and more it will loose its power and dominance.
    Take everything as it is, like Kirsten Sarah'Elina wrote, and be open for everything. Your guide could be "What feels good for me?" and "What do I wanna be and do?". Important is to focus on yourself not on others. Although it might not seem easy sometimes, it is the easier way, because in the depth you feel better with it. Your soul cheers if you do so.

    I wish you a wonderful awakening and much of love
    Kerstin Myriel
  • An'Anasha, Kerstin Myriel, you are an angel angel2
    It is actually exactly as I keep imagining it. So beautiful, I can't wait heart
    Lots of 23_elexier and 18_ana