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Re-Introduction - Omar Ta Satt from Pete Amba
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  • Omar Ta Satt and much An'Anasha, everyone!

    Hello family of the golden blue frequency, I hope this finds you all well. Happy 2015. My name is Pete (Amba) and I started the steps a few years ago, and after the 6th step, so much happened, including the busyness of life, and I did not return to continue the steps. At the end of 2014, I felt such a calling to commit to complete the 48 steps and have restarted and have been listening and re-listening to steps 1 through 5. They are absolutely incredible and since re-beginning the steps, so much abundance and goodness, as well as clarity and release, have been showing up in my life.

    In addition, I felt a strong call to purchase the profession of the Magician. I realise that my cosmic parents are Michael and Myriel, so I'm not surprised to learn that I do have an affinity with healing and magic. After much consideration, I just purchased the profession. Any words of wisdom from fellow magicians? Also, I was wondering if there is a PDF version of the manual or booklet, as I do not see anything in my bought files folder. It would wonderful to have a digital version of the manual, in addition to the actual paper version.

    This week begins step 6, where I left off last time a few years ago and I am excited to be back connecting with these beautiful energies and frequencies.

    With much An'Anasha, Elexier, Tarados, and Don'Adas to all!
    Pete Amba
  • OMAR TA SATT Pete Amba,

    nice to have you here with your fresh and enthusiastic introduction. My cosmical parents are also Michael and Myriel, so we are cosmic sisters and brothers!

    Fine that you found back to the 48 steps. Hope, they'll change your life, like they changed my life. A way into freedom, peace, happiness and self-fulfillment and the best: The good things never end.

    You feel this attachment to magic and healing, like I do. And the magic is such a strong and powerful force. You can move mountains with it. And don't be afraid, like I was in the beginning. When you're in your heart and using it in love, than you can't do something wrong with it. The intention is the key and faith in yourself and in what you're doing. It's the power of your heart. Perhaps you're doing like me: I was using the magic in everyday life, without realizing it.
    But you will find out all the secrets yourself and I wish you a lot of fun and findings doing so. The wisdom is in you. Let your heart guide you.

    All the best for your coming way.

    Magical greatings from my heart with ANA and ELEXIER
    Kerstin Myriel
  • Thanks so much for your note, Kerstin Myriel!

    I'm looking forward to all the changes that come with MONA'OHA and AN'ANASHA.

    I'll keep you posted!
    Thanks again!!

    With much AN'ANASHA, ANA and ELEXIER!
    Pete Amba
  • 39_omartasatt Welcome back and enjoy the journey.

    Love Sellana'Aria
  • Dear Pete Amba,

    welcome back to the golden-blue frequency. It's so wonderful to have you here again. Each and every single step to come will be fascinating, incredible, charming, challenging ... icon_smile Just lean back and enjoy.

    Have a great time, in Elexier, Meerle
  • Omar Ta satt - Dear Pete Amba,
    I just wanted to say "Hello" to be here icon_smile

    prost winke
    Petra Sherin
  • 39_omartasatt Dear Pete Amba,

    so nice, you've been here again and so i will say: welcome back and have a wonderfull time here in our family of the golden-blue light. I wish you a lot of time for your steps with love and light, to enjoy in every moment of your way of love. 45_nektum

    My greatings filled of Jesus Love