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Pope resignation
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  • Dear Saskia,

    Yes, I felt exactly the same way and I thought that it would not affect me but I feel very happy for my many friends who stayed within Catholicism, and a hard path it has been for them. I feel deep hope and joy that is from the heart and not the mind, don't we live in such times?

    With love as always,

  • Dear Amba,
    I was raised Catholic and this event is amazing to me. For a long time now I have sensed things crumbling from within as far as"Vatican" and Catholic hierarchy goes. This is such a long-standing "structure" and this event - I think - is a signal that deep change is happening now.
    Thank you for sharing your message!


    Patricia Lara'Ana
  • OMAR TA SATT Dear Family, I have just read the wonderful books by Kathleen McGowan. The Expected One, The Book of Love & The Poet Prince. She tells amazing history of the church &
    Spirituality in times past. Quite believable *

    They are novels with brilliant research & she says she really did have the visions of Mary Magdalene.
    In The Book of Love she tells quite a story of Matilda & secret marriage with the Pope...

    & then more again on Popes & scandal with the MED'ICI family. Including ties with Botticelli & Michaelangelo.... well worth a read icon_biggrin

    ELEXIER, A Lea'Shorina* 23_elexier

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