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Pope resignation
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  • There is a great picture on the front page of an English newspaper, The Guardian, today (12th Feb 2013) of lightening hitting St Peter's in Rome after the resignation yesterday. St Malachy says that the next Pope will be the last, Peter the Roman. It feels like the end of an era, the end of something and the start of something new, perhaps it is just because I live in a Catholic country or do others feel this too??

    Sinead AMBA

    editiert von: Sinead Amba, 12.02.2013, 11:05 Uhr
  • Dear Amba,
    this is surely a sign of the new time and also the end of an old era.....
    I am sure, that all awakened people will feel the same.

    with love and lihgt
  • ;)

    I think it's very interesting
    with love
  • Dear Emilia Sherina,

    yes it is......
    Please listen also to this channeling:

    with light and love
  • Dear Amba, I do not remember where I heard from, it's already a quite time passed, but it seemed as if the resigned Pope would be the last one.
    At about 2 years ago, some of us made a common light work around the vatican energies and it fekt a lot of freeing and "fresh air".

  • Dear Nirijana, Sherina and Leandra,

    An'Anasha to you all for your replies, I am very excited about this change also and I feel its significance, the old energy waning. Thank you for letting me share these thoughts, I feel very lucky to live at this time and be able to connect with like minded people!


  • Dear Sinead,

    I also live in a catholic country, Bavaria could be called the most catholic region in Germany!
    When I heard the news of the resigning pope I felt joy and had a strong feeling of anticipation and it also seems logic - mh is there a thing like heart logic? - that this pope would be the last one. As to his accomplishments during his term of office I have not been too enthusiastic but I find this last step very impressive.
    I am so much looking to what is coming!

    From heart to heart

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