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  • OMAR TA SATT my beloved divine human beings, I am Shan'Shija and belong with the Throne Angels of the divine merkabah. I am the High Self of Jesus Christ. Connected with God's breath the immeasurable love and the energy of peace flow to you with each word.

    I look at you, my child, and let you know, you are a part of us. Often the duality may let you become insecure and you begin to doubt yourself. But I see you in the unity and in the magnificent light of your Self.

    Find the peace in yourself for peace means strength and confidence. With this strength and confidence you will be able to recognize your so wonderful abilities. For doubt and insecurity hold you back, and sometimes it seems as though you are standing on a bridge that you do not dare cross, and you feel insecure and without motion. We do everything to guide you across this bridge and to give you the security that when you have crossed this bridge you will feel freedom. For the realization who you really are guides you into the deepest spirituality and at last you can live what the high angel Kryon conveyed to you: the human love, the health, the abundance, the security, the joy and the deep peace!

    The Eleua Energy has arrived on earth and it brings great joy and the deepest touches in the hearts of the human beings and in the consciousness of Lady Gaia. Utilize this energy and let the magic and the miracles come true. For there are no limitations except for the ones you have created yourself.

    Each word of Shan'Shija is charged with the Eleua Energy and it finds its path into your heart. Eleua Energy has a healing effect and gives you peace and joy. Shan'Shija watched over Jesus when he was on earth, and I watch over you my beloved child. Protectively I spread my wings and call you to embed yourself in them and to let yourself be loved. For my love guides you still deeper into the unification with Jesus Christ. We love you immeasurably.


    My dearest Family,

    Soon this year is over and many feelings and pictures are in me. It's not so long ago that I joined the forum to be able to be closer to you. Sometimes, after a long working day it's nice to read some of the things you have written!
    Much has warmed my heart and very often I look into your light bodies, sometimes I also ask the 36 High Councillors to join me, and in the forum, too, an energy can be transmitted! When I decided to be in the forum with you I accepted a responsibility at the same time, and I will be there for you in the future as well and with each decision I make each single one of you is to the fore, for as Kryon says again and again, THE TRUTH FINDS ITS WAY.

    There are two working days before me and then I will go on vacation for a week. We will spend Christmas with my family in New York and I am already looking forward to it very much. On Tuesday we have the Christmas party with our team, and to this I'm also looking forward very much!

    My dearest ones, I wish each one of you a peaceful Christmas and a powerful new year! You are very dear to me and I would like to say AN'ANASHA to each one of you!

    Your Sabine - Sangitar.
  • AN'ANASHA dear Sabine Sangitar for all that you do. I wish you a Merry Christmas and send you much ELEXIER.