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Translation help / Übersetzungshilfe
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  • OMAR TA SATT dear all,

    To help you with your translations you could use a programme such as Google Translate:

    The only problem with such programmes is that they mostly don't understand spiritual terminology. But you can use the 'forum dictionary' for that icon_smile

    Enjoy international communications!

    OMAR TA SATT ihr Lieben,

    um euch mit euren Übersetzungen zu helfen könnt ihr Programme wie Google Translate zum Beispiel nehmen:

    das einzige Problem mit solchen Programmen ist, daß sie meist die spirituelle "Fachsprache" nicht verstehen. Aber da könnt ihr ja das "Forum Wörterbuch" benutzen icon_smile

    Viel Freude bei der internationalen Kommunikation!


  • Liebe So'Sua,
    03_ananasha für die "Übersetzungshilfe", nun ist es leichter für mich, auch mal etwas in Englisch zu schreiben.
    18_ana und 23_elexier
    Sigrid Fiona
  • OMAR TA SATT dear everyone,

    I am translating a very interesting channeling at the moment. Channeled by a person called Julia Heilmann Schuricht. The entity/ being she channels is called Maitreya. But it's fairly long and it will take me the rest of the week to go through it. Sorry. It's called "?and the answer to the Atlantic drama". Something to look forward to icon_smile

    03_ananasha and 23_elexier to all of you,

    Oh, and of course, I wanted to share this. I received my "Life Sentence" today. I'll translate it and put it on my profile, probably on the weekend. It is really quite amazing how much the energies can unite again and again and bring me even deeper into my Being, it's almost too much sometimes. I feel soooooooo full of Elexier.

    Thank you very very much Sangitar. Lost of 23_elexier to you.
  • OMAR TA SATT Marion Elisa,

    AN'ANASHA for your effort. The channeling you are translating is already here (in german):

    Looking foward to your life sentence!
    And you really have a wonderful last name, so poetic.

    Kirsten Sarah'Elina
  • Omar ta satt dearest So'Sua winke
    Thanks for all information you provide us.
    It was so nice to talk to you last weekend on
    the Momanda Festival.

    And to all English Kryon Students,
    It is great to have you here in the forum,
    to do some conversation and provide news to
    each other.

    See you hopefully on the Kryonfestival

    in 23_elexier Maria Eleisia
  • 03_ananasha dear Elisa for your work translating for us! Take your time. I will be opening a Kryon School here in the U.S. soon and am so excited about it!

    I send much ELEXIER to you all!!!!!

  • OMAR TA SATT, dear Sarah'Elina, thank you, yes, that's actually where I found the channeling, and I was fascinated. It's a little harder to translate than others, though. I also use Google translate for help, but a lot of it comes out as mumble jumble, so it needs to be re-written in most parts. but I do enjoy the work. Can anyone actually tell me a little more about Maitreya? I read the name in another post just then, and I've never heard of him, so am wondering...

    03_ananasha and 23_elexier

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