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Temple of Light Retreat / Caribbean and Central America
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  • Temple of Light Retreat - a 7 day spiritual awakening, meditation, holistic healing and yoga retreat at the most magical places on our wonderful planet.

    Omar ta satt and a warm welcome to you my dear Angel on earth!
    I am Sherin, your spiritual guide, therapist, yoga and meditation teacher during our sacred retreat journey.
    A journey, where we enter into the world and secret chambers of our old goddess and gods of Atlantis!
    From the moment you give the intention to join this retreat, the 36 councilors of the light are with you, day and night!
    Please give them your deep permission to prepare you for this highly energetic journey to spiritual awakening and soul healing.
    You are one of the oldest souls in this world and you have gone a very long way to become, what you are.
    Trust that everything you need is inside of you and this retreat will help you to remember.
    With all the love and deep respect for you in my heart, I welcome you to our sacred journey!
    In Elexier and Tan`atara your soul sister Sherin