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Help with healing of kids
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  • Dear Family,

    I would like to kindly ask for any advice or even just opinion how to approach this.
    I have 22 months old twins and 6 yrs old - all boys icon_lol
    The twins both have health issues since birth. It has been very stressful, but I'm doing much better since I started Kryonschool 03_ananasha
    But one of them makes me very worried. I know that all happens for a reason and put 02_monaoha out there all the time.
    Morgan is still not walking, has scoliosys of his back (althrough we exercise Vojta method 3x a day), doesn't communicate much and there are other signs that not all is well (Autistic movements, etc.). I'm very blessed that he is a happy boy and I thank for that all the time.
    I keep thinking that all this might be more about me then my kids and maybe there is something I need to do that will let him get better. That this is my reality and they are mirroring what is not o.k. inside me...
    But also, I understand we all choose the conditions and challenges for this life...

    Also, how can I help him with the tools of Kryonschool? How do you send 12_osam ?
    Do you go into united chakra and send it?
    What about healing through hands?

    I would be grateful for your view and any advice on this...
    Kind Regards and 23_elexier to all of you xxx
    Marketa Laura'Adjana
  • Dear Laura'Adjana,

    I'm also a mother of a bunch of boys and can understand you with you worries as a mother.

    I know, this might not help much now, but first of all I would like to share my opinion with you that you are a great mother - the best mother your boys can have! Honestly!

    Mona'Oha is always the first step and you have a lot of trust!

    In need of healing I call the personal seven angels and pray for help. They always know, what is best for the soul. Then I not only use my hands but also my heartray and sinusray to beam lightcrystalls or energies like the Eleuaenergy or the releasing Prosonodolight of Jesus Christ. Before that I of course ask first the Higher Self of the person which crystall or energy is the best in this case.

    Healing might not always look like our limited human mind likes to think it (for example healing could mean just to come in true inner peace with the situation), but there are endless possibilities how to heal - and to work miracles is indeed possible in the blessfull times now.

    Of course in some cases it's definitly important to ask a good doctor, too, but during the time you will develope all the healing techniques you need to - at least - support it at its best. I know there are a lot of ways to develope healing on all levels, but my personal opinion is that I found every link on my way with the Kryonschool ... Sangitar also channeled professions of the New Age, for example the Tarass-Healer. Her husband Heiko teaches how to heal in the aura and lightbody which effects also the physical body and the family system in a positive way ...

    But just one step at a time! Like I already said: You are the best your kids can have!
    Just ask if you have more questions now than before ... icon_wink

    A big hug!
    Shana Lee
  • OMAR TA SATT dear Marketa Laura'Adjana

    It is true you are the best best mom - your children your boys haven chosen YOU Marketa.
    clap love3 23_elexier
    My advice is to get a check up at the docotor, you did'nt write if you have already done it or maybe I didn't understand it properly? and then all our healing possibilties do support the way of healing. I do not know what is the voijta method.

    My two children are already grown up but I do have many experiences behind me and I am sure in front of me too. Because as a Nanny with little children there happens a lot too.

    What is also very very important that the children are well grounded. You can call the *Shorina Angels* to ground everyone of you and it will happen immediatly. You also can put the crystal ARIS 04_aris (you can print it or you can draw it) at the end of their bed underneath their mattress.

    And many of the childrens do transform very much for the collective and they need help to get cleaned of all the energies which do not belong to them. Therefore you can call from the center of your heart Angel Michael and then you can call Maha Cohan that he defines your children and yourself from the collective energies which do not belong to you as it is good for you at the moment. Do it during the time you play with them, do it the easiest way, the lightest way is allways the best way to go. Or you do it when they sleep. You will find it out what is best for you and them also. Maybe with your elder son you can explain it to him, that now comes a shower with light which will carry all the unconformatable energie from him away and maybe from time to time he starts to remember to do it himself.

    Trust yourself and in the bottom of your heart you start finding more and more answers whatelse you can do. God is simple!!!!! There are many ways, these are my experiences, maybe some of them do support you.

    If you do have more question you are welcome and I try my best to support a loveable mother as you are.

    from heart to heart in unmeasurable ELEXIER
    Amira 34_kryonenergie layoesha solavana
  • Here is the link how to use the crystals

    Love Peace and Happiness

    23_elexier solavana

    editiert von: Cornelia Mara, 18.07.2015, 19:57 Uhr
  • Dear Marketa Laura'Adjana,

    I have been practicing Vojta many years ago, and I find it very helpful to support other therapies with Elise-Mila, for mother and child. I just found out that there is an Elise-Mila therapist/Trainer near you.

    Maybe she can help you ...

  • 03_ananasha everyone for the support. You are just wonderful icon_smile
    We went to the doctors and we also have an appointment for magnetic resonance in September.

    Simply, it really is the biggest challenge - to be in Mona'Oha.
    The first step, the most important one... Much easier when it comes to my life then to my kid's one...
    I suppose that is what the whole situation is supposed to remind me, to teach me...
    Many thanks for the advice about the healing - we will try everything we can icon_smile

    Lots of 23_elexier to everyone,

  • There are wonderful and excellent doctors everywhere and the time has come where all healers work together hand in hand one-by-one.

    "Healing happens if you are ready for it"

    This applies for us, our children and all our beloved ones.

    In respect for each individual soul and their unique path.

    Trust the process.


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