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Initiation into Your Origin and Initiation into the Christ Energy
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  • Dear Family 39_omartasatt

    I'm thinking about the Initiation into the origin - I'm very curious about my abilities, the letters and my High Self. icon_smile

    Also, the Initiation into the Christ Energy sound wonderful. Is this initiation part of the Steps?

    I don't want to pressure myself and do too many things at once. The time is also quite and issue (3 kids - twins are not even 2 yrs old :)))

    Would you be so kind and send me your thoughts on your experiences or recommendations?

    Many thanks to all of you 03_ananasha
  • Dear Marketa Laura'Adjana,
    What a wonderful idea to get the initiation into your origin with your cosmic parents. It is not part of the 48 steps.

    It is a very strenghtening experience and I for myself was very moved by it.
    If you want to know more about your abilities as depicted by the letters of your name you find it in the book of origins. It will probably exist in English as well.

    All the best icon_smile
    Yours Martina Myriel
  • 03_ananasha Myriel,

    I'm very excited about the initiation and can't wait for it.

    Lots of love, Laura'Adjana