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Temple dancers: Dance meditation for Lady Shyenna, Sunday 24th of January, 8:00 p.m.
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  • Beloved temple dancers 21_teeas

    My heart sparkling with fire and full of Elexir 23_elexier I invite you to join our dance meditation on Tuesday, 19th of May at 9 p.m., Duration ca. 20 - 30 min.

    Connect with Shyaad and all temple dancers around the world, in the universe, wherever they are. Invite them to dance with you. Feel the united energy. Connect with the earth line grid and open all your channels. Ask Sanat Kumara to guide you, the High Self of Lady Shyenna. May the energies flow through you which are now good and beneficial for Lady Shyenna. Lighting energy lines, connections everywhere. The heartbeat of Lady Shyenna becomes one with your own heartbeat.

    Ask Adamis to send you magnetic stardust. Star dust connects the outside with the inside and strengthens the energy lines. A connection to the magnetic universe.

    Ready prepared... call your dragon, let his power flow through you. Deepest centricity, strength, find your position in your own centre. Feel the perfection in yourself and the holiness of life.

    Dance is moving energy. Chose music which has the magic to touch you in your heart, let the fire grow (drums are especially activating). You are free to choose icon_smile

    This time it's important to dance very softly, caring.
    Get in contact to Shyaad, the guardian.

    Love and Stardust,


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  • Beloved Temple Dancers around the world,

    I invite you to join our dance for Lady Shyenna today at 8 o'clock.

    Feel the Connection between all souls and dance with us.



  • Beloved Temple Dancers around the world,

    I invite you to join our next Dance

    on Friday, 25th of September at 9 p.m.

    Your Spirit Animals can support you in a special way to open the mystical and shamanic energies in you.

    Feel the magic flow in your Dance and enjoy


    Love and Fire Pearls,

    Mareia love3
  • Beloved Temple Dancers around the World,

    Change your living room into a holy dance floor, holy energies search their way verliebt

    I send you my invitation to join our next dance on Saturday, 17th of October, 8 p.m.

    Open your heart and let your feet move. Your soul knows the rhythm 12_osam

    Love and ELEXIR

  • My dearest Temple Dancers,

    I invite you to dance for Lady Shyenna, today, 3rd of January, 9:00 p.m.

    Feel the Love of Jesus and the White Priesthood

    Stardust and an open heart,


  • My Dearest Temple Dancers,

    on Saturday we dance again together for Lady Shyenna. No quiet meditation, but moving feet icon_smile

    This time there is a special focus on the leylines. Prepare yourself with feeling the vibration of this special field and also the magnetic energies.

    See you soon 18_ana

    Love from Mareia
  • Dearest Mareia & temple dancers,

    always a pleasure to feel the joy of dance, grounding our soul light and our soul power.

    Blessings, Mara

    29_pradna 12_osam

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