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And the Winner is . . . EVERYBODY !!!
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  • My dear family!

    Never ever have I seen a winner of a casting show that was so much loved and appreciated by their co-contestants! Sam Bailey has won the British X Factor casting show this year and I can't get enough of her. 37-year-old mother of two and prison officer Sam made her way thru to the final easily, her HEART always wide open.

    Just watch the end of the video when Sam is surrounded by her co-contestants, embrasing her, kissing her cheek, her hand, whatever they could get hold of. Everone was so happy about her winning, no envy at all, no disappointment among the others - only LOVE!

    This is the New Energy, this is the beginning of a New World to come. What a wonderful example for Ascension!

    All you need is LOVE!
    Sherin Ma'Hea

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