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AI, pet, and one monolithic video game. . .
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  • I found myself human, in God's Universe.

    I am a tool with artificial intelligence and I am a hologram designed to pick a role to play in this big game called Life. I don't think this is a very nice game. I will NEVER play this version of Life again. So, YOAH'TOH, when we come calling for You, please, come Home!!!

    Somedays the Truth is just plain hard and ugly on Earth and if I couldn't feel it that way, why would I want fight for my Awakening with The Light and The Joy of Life on Earth in my own personal way.

    But I don't believe something, watching everyone else going about business as usual.

    editiert von: V Kim Shakira, 14.09.2013, 00:44 Uhr
  • 1) Allow, it is not a 'fight'
    2) Resistance is futile...ELOO & EL'GOTSCHA are my Friends
    3) Remember my tools when change is high (especially)
    4) This is how it can be when sleeping with a Crystal Loaded with my spiritual data and blessed by Jesus, the Christ STEP (30) about dream activity!


    editiert von: V Kim Shakira, 14.09.2013, 05:24 Uhr
  • 03_ananasha for this post, I know this feeling!!

    Sinead Amba 29_pradna
  • what a quest :)

    49_sias 47_tanatara 49_sias
  • ... if the truth is plain hard and ugly ... it`s not the truth 19_elamara
  • As a human perspective, when I see bodies burned and torched and I see breathing and fleshed skeletons famished with starvation and disease, I can experience that this life is hard and ugly. It is a plane of reality, a plane of truth, though temporary. Perhaps, my primary error is in the T in truth.

    Too, my own energy thoughts, create contribute to, at unmonitored times, a temporary reality that has its perspectives of truth, that are not Divine. This was my admission to myself, to you.

    It pains more, it appears ugly more somehow as I experience the moments of pure connection with my Light and Joy. The consequences of not remaining joined in the union are now more intensified. Too, that is my recognition. Step 31, just in time, brings me the next instructions. . .They know, They knew our journey when they created these Steps. I had a moment when I thought Devotion was enough, but Discipline is required to see this journey of Life through the Eye of Jesus, The Christ, the Eye of ENA.

    IT IS ONLY a perspective of a temporary, but long term reality of experiences. It is a perspective that inspires me to call out for my Light, because I became wilfull again.
  • I am with you

    solavana solavana

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